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So Sad; Check Out Ghanaians Reaction After A Man Run Out "Mad" In Kotoka Airport Before His Flight

This article is not meant for advertisement but rather to enlighten people about some trending issues of a man who went out "mad" in kotoka airport before his flight is boarded.

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An unidentified man strangely lost his sanity shortly after arriving at the kotoka international Airport in Ghana Capital, Accra, to board his flight abroad.

After the incident popped up on social media, most Ghanaians have already reacted to it to share their remarks on the issue. As Always known by Ghanaians, most mental or medical issues are taken to be a spiritual occurrence. Martha reacted to show her idea by relating it to spiritualism.

Its believed that people are spiritually subjected to such situations to prevent them from leaving the shores of the country in search of greener pastures abroad.Others also shared their opinions on a different aspect as they blasted the people for not taking control of him but rather videoing the scene, They believe social media is taking control of our mental capabilities as it's taking over our humanity help.One lady also shared her experience concerning one of his uncles who went through a similar Issue after he dreamed of studying medicine abroad.

Although we cannot immediately justify what triggered the unfortunate incident, we cannot rule out the fact that these things often happen on the continent, especially in Ghana and other African countries across the globe.

It's unclear what triggered the traveller's violent behaviour, but security officials appeared to have had a.difficult time bringing the situation under control.

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