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Most unique but dangerous highways you would not believe exist

Gone are the days humans had to walk from long distance just to move from one town to the other . We all know the first means of transport is walking using our legs.

From many years ago,where we could say the old means of transportation was probably a situation whereby people were using their foots to move from one place to the other in search for food ,shelter and even sometimes just to deliver a message one has to make a long trip to the said location and a whole lot just to name a few.

Well rich folks had simple boats as a means of transportation by water just to make the journey easy and fast. Some also had rode animals like horses,donkeys and camels just to name a few.

Later with the invention of wheeled vehicles which was made so that people could move from one town to the other. It also made the journey faster.

Now we could say all thanks to modern technology and advancement which has brought about the invention of cars,ships and airplanes just to name a few. We could move freely and reach our destination in the next seconds.

Not forgetting our roads and highways which makes our journey more fun. We all know highways are busy roads with a lot of lanes. They are mostly known as major roads. Highways are simply the quickest route to move from one city to another.

It's also known as freeway since less traffic could be found on a highway. Now we going to discuss about some unique yet dangerous highways you wouldn't believe exist.Wow isn't it so unique, this highway is so amazing, looking at the architectural plan is so cool but no matter how cool it is,it still looks dangerous looking at the landscape and how close the roads are forming something like a letter ,it is not safe since this road doesn't have any place for pedestrians. Any one who walks here will be at a lost.

The highways seems like the true definition of the way to heaven. It is so unique,just beautiful.Driving on this highway will make you feel like you flying in the air. The highway is in a form of a bridge is so beautiful but still dangerous. Yes,course there is no way to safe yourself in case the worst happens.

What do you think about the highways let me know from your comment .

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