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The people that sweep twice a day.

Sanitation in Ghanaian culture is the preserve of our women, and it is a way of life. The women wake up at dawn before everybody else wakes up to sweep the house to keep it neat and clean in readiness for visitors or anyone who might want to purchase an item if they happen to be traders.

Kumasi, according to Europeans record, depicted the city then as a well planned city with houses and street well layout. The city was described as neat and beautiful.

This description of Kumasi by the Europeans travelers shows that the Ghanaian love to keep their environment beautiful and clean.

Our women teach their children how to sweep the house at a tender age. This is to inculcate in them the habit of cleanliness. 

Houses that are along the street when sweeping, sweep up to the middle of the street or the whole street opposite to the house.

In the evening our women sweep again to keep the compound clean. The rooms are also swept twice a day. However, you are told not to collect the rubbish you swept in the evening. This is for obvious reasons. You might have swept a valuable item since there is no bright light then to check the rubbish of valuable item you might have swept. The rubbish is checked in the morning and collected.

This culture of sweeping at least twice a day seems to be disappearing gradually. Notwithstanding, most places in Ghana are still clean and beautiful most especially places in the Bono Ahafo and the Volta Regions.

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