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Accra ranked 2nd most expensive city to live in globally - Global Research firm indicates

Numbeo, a global database research entity has ranked Accra as the second most expensive city to live in.

Per the analysis gathered from the expenses on a day-to-day activities in cities across the world, the data release by the international entity indicates that Syria's Damascus is currently the most expensive city to live in, Ghana's capital follows, and then Iran's Tehran comes third globally.

The indicators used by the global giant were the consumer prices, quality of a city's heath care system, perceived crime rates, among other vital areas.

It indicates in the published report that property price as compared to the income ratio in the city is way too high. According to them, there is a high disparity in there and is a worrying trend that needs urgent attention.

Lately, there have been a price hike in terms of property affordability especially in Accra - a very worrying trend that is hardly tackled over decades now. The price keeps growing and as the 2021 National Population Census indicated, this has led to lots of people to live in slums because their incomes are unable to help them secure any proper accommodation facilities to live in.

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