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The mystery of the Naajeringa wall at Nalerigu.

Naajeringa was the son of Naa Atabia who moved the chieftancy from Gambaga to Nalerigu.

Naajeringa became the king of Mamprugu and reigned from 1740-1752. He had one son who lost one of his eyes. Therefore, he was disqualified from becoming a king according to the traditions of Mamprusi.

During the reign of Naajeringa in the mid-18th century, he built a great Wall around the western side of Nalerigu.

It's said that the wall was build with mud, gravel, Shea butter, water, pito (local beer), milk and honey. The wall was originally eleven (11) feet high, now what remains is a six (6) feet at it's highest point. This mysterious wall was build with forced labour. According to elders of Mamprugu, anyone who refused to work or because he is tired or sick, during the construction of the wall was executed and his body added to the wall.

It is located just off the main road into Nalerigu on the west side of the town reservoir among an orchard of mango trees planted in recent decade to prevent erosion.

The reason for putting up this wall is not known for sure but there are a few things about it below:

It was build for defensive purposes to fortify Nalerigu due to civil wars as at that time.

To some, it was build to keep out hyenas and for defense against slave raiders.

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