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The best tourist site ever in Bono East Region - Photos


The following are some interesting places in the Bono east region of GHANA.

Bono Manso slave market

Bono Manso slave market, an important landmark in the history of the slave trade in the Bono East region. Located at Bono Manso on the Techiman–Kintampo road, Bono Manso was the point where slaves from the north were graded and sorted.

The strongest of the captives were selected and sent to the coast leaving the weaker ones in the town. To date, African Americans and other African people in the Diaspora visit the area to learn about their origin and history.

Kristo Boase Monastery

Kristo Boase Monastery is home to a small community of eleven Benedictine monks. The monastery is in a place of great beauty and historic interest which every year welcomes visitors from around the world.

River Tano

Tano River Sacred Fish is located at Tanoso near Techiman, it houses a pool of sacred fishes which are jealously protected by the community. Visitors always catch a glimpse of the sacred fish, said to have golden crowns.

Nchiraa waterfalls

Nchiraa waterfalls, offers tourist a hiking adventure on a rocky and challenging footpath that leads to the waterfall. The existence of other natural and cultural tourism attractions within 10km radius makes the tour package exhilarating. It includes the Wurobo Ancestral Cave which is located about 8 km from the Nchiraa settlement.

The cave is believed to be the original dwelling place of the people of Nchiraa ,Forikrom Boten Caves and shrines, is located about eight (8) kilometers off the Tachiman Nkoranza road, is a unique range of giant rocks which forms a haven like sort of shrine and caves. It is believed that the Magic cave which is known as the biggest cave was a refuge for women and children in times of war for Bono.

Tano Boase Sacred Grove.

Tano Boase Sacred Grove, located in the Techiman municipality. It is believed that the grove is the cradle of Bono civilization. The grove served as a hideout for the Bono people during the slave trade and inter-tribal wars many, many years ago. It also serves as a place for recreation and religious activities.

Fuller falls

Fuller falls, it falls gently from the east over a series of cascades along the Oyoko river at Yabraso of about 7 km west of Kintampotown. It flows into the Black volta at Dwire Kumbo.

Check out some photos of this places...

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