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Never Travel Abroad Without Learning Any Skill -Man Reveals How He Is Making It With His Skill In UK

The UK based Ghanaian, Paul has urged Ghanaians who prefer to work abroad to learn a skill because it is the only way to thrive in the UK or the western world.

Speaking on Daily Hustle In The UK with DJ Nyaami, the builder indicated that to be able to make a good living abroad, one must have a learned skill. Otherwise, they may be forced to do menial jobs like cleaning etc. 

“If you travel abroad and you have your certificate or skill, you can create a business if they are no jobs. If you go somewhere and you have a talent or skill, you don't become a burden to the country.

So I would urge anyone who wants to come here to go to a technical school to learn something. It won't only help you here but anywhere in the world,” he said on SVTV Africa. 

Paul is into building and construction in London. He takes contracts to construct buildings for clients.

Kindly watch the full interview on YouTube: SVTV Africa

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