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5 Things You Should Not Do In Dubai.

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Dubai is one of the most beautiful metropolitan city in the world with it attractive features which attract tourists throughout the year. Dubai is Known for its towering skyscrapers, beautiful markets, world tallest tower, the largest man made archipelago islands, the tallest hotel and so on. All these attractive things attract people all over the world.

However there are some basic things you should know before traveling to Dubai in order to avoid penalizations. Dubai have it own rules and regulations that govern their city as in other places.

So, if you are planning a trip to Dubai to spend some holidays, make sure you check these five prohibited or demanded consent before they are done out.

1. Do not dance in public.Believe it or not, dancing in public is considered to be provocative and if you wish to avoid some serious fines, make sure you dance at licensed clubs or within your room. Even listening to some loud music in Dubai is prohibited in public and can lead one to a heavy penalty if found guilty.

2. Do not use your left hand to greet anyone.

When you are in Dubai, you must be careful while using your hands. You must never and ever use your left hand to eat, to greet anyone,to open doors, and to hand over something to anyone, especially food items.The reason being that, the left hand is used in cleaning the Advent of toilet papers, toilet, and flushing water. Therefore, it is considered unclean no matter how clean your left hand is. So if you are a left-handed person, you must try your best possible in public to avoid offending and earning a rude stare from the locals.

3. Do not take photographs without permission.

Dubai is a place of scenic beauty and one would like to take pictures when visited there. However, remember that in Dubai, modesty and safety are very important to the people and you are not allowed to take snaps of people without consent, especially if they are women and children.

4. Do not eat in public during Ramadan.

If you have planned of traveling to Dubai, you must know it is forbidden to eat in public during the "Holy Month of Ramadan". When the Muslim in the city are fasting, you cannot even snack in your car or even chew gum in public. However, you can only eat in the comfort of your hotel or restaurant.

5. Do not stay together in a hotel if you are unmarried.

No matter where you are traveling from, whether east or west, be aware that staying in together even in a hotel without getting married is illegal in Dubai. A mere cohabitation can lead to jail, fine, and deportation. So, if you are planning a trip with your girlfriend or someone you are in a relationship with, make sure you stay in different hotels when in Dubai.

With all the above mentioned of 5 things not to do in Dubai, do not let any of them scared you from your adventuring in Dubai City. You just have to obey the lay down rules and regulations of the people and your stay in Dubai will be amazing.

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