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The door to Hell and three other bizarre places in the world you never knew to exist (photos)

There are several myths surrounding these bizarre places. These myths somehow put one to unusual reasoning, trying to see beyond the ordinary and to think with all the cells in the brain which is quite exhausting.

But all the same, what’s life without enigma? Boring! “Logical fallacies” as weird as they may sound add beauty and flavour to life. Do you believe the Bible’s hell really do exist and “sinners” are going to be condemned to this eternal fire?

Well, that will be a topic for another day since there are not enough shreds of evidence

or facts to back this claim but nonetheless there’s a seeable “Hell” right here on Earth.

The “Door To Hell”. The place which will make one wail more than the legendary Robert Nesta Marley alias a Bob Marley and his wailing wailers.

Fasten up your seat belts as a i take you through a rough yet memorable ride through these bizarre places.

1. Door to Hell

The Darvaza gas crater famously known as the Door to Hell located in Turkmenistan. There lies a 230-foot-wide hole in the earth, filled with flames. Ironically, this bottomless hole opens up to the Heavens but unleashes the flames of hell.

The Door To Hell is a natural gas field which has been burning since 1971 which is 44 years now.

2. The Grand Prismatic Spring

An overly beautiful spring located in the USA. It has crazy-bright colours and quite big in size. The spring warm water is caused by a volcano surrounding the area. Approximately 121 feet filled hot water, it is also said to be deeper than a 10 storey arranged. The Grand Prismatic Spring is surrounded by rainbow colours.

3. Zhangye Danxia Landform

One of the breathtaking landscapes in the world. Zhangye Danxia Landform is a natural colorful mountain located in China. It is also known as the Mountain of Rainbow . It was formed on December 27th 2005, by the erosion of red sandstone, which isolated peaks. It’s an overly fine geological structure.

4. The Great Blue Hole

The Great Blue Hole is the largest natural formation of its kind. It is a massive underwater sinkhole located of the coast of Belize which extends 125 meters into the Earth’s crust. 

The door to Hell and three other bizarre places in the world you never knew to exist (photos) 4That’s all for today, trust you enjoyed the read? Stay tuned for more!

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