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10 Most Expensive Places To Live In The World, 2021

If you are looking to live a high-end life style for a cheaply as possible, you probably want to avoid these cities.

The most expensive cities to live in around the world in 2021 has been revealed by the International Housing Affordability Survey.

Here are the ten most expensive cities according to the cost of living index. The cost of living can be expensive. Paying of necessities like housing , power, water, groceries, clothing and many more.

Number 10 is Sydney, Australia.Number nine is Tel Aviv, Israel.

Number eight is Copenhagen, Denmark.

Number seven is Seoul, South Korea.

Number six is Geneva, Switzerland.

Number five is Oslo, Norway.

Number four is Hong-Kong, China.

Number three is Monaco.

Number two is Queenscity, Singapore.

Number one is Dubai.

Those are the ten most expensive cities to live and if you are interested to travel to such places you must be a millionaire.

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Australia.Number Israel Sydney Tel Aviv


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