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Why Dubai residents feel depressed

I don't necessarily agree with the statement, but there is a portion of truth here.

Dubai is a city of opportunities. Dubai is a lottery where you can win or lose everything at once. Your life can change in one day here. Dubai does not offer you a luxury lifestyle wrapped in a box just because you came here!

People that do not have control over their life and expectations usually end up being disappointed.

When people are leaving their countries and coming to Dubai, they are obviously running away from something that they don't like over there with a hope that a new country will offer a new beginning. When they arrive to Dubai, euphoria kicks in- buildings, cars, resorts and fountains, the most expensive stuff, the richest people. Everything seems so real, so close and so tempting.

Who would not want to live in such a paradise?

However, after some time the reality becomes obvious: high standard of living comes with a price tag. You need to work really hard to make it in a foreign country.

That's where the problem begins.

Lockdown-free UAE kicked off UK travel corridor amid Covid spikeeveryone comes to Dubai with high expectations and continues with the same mindset. What people need to realize, that Dubai is a foreign country, where you have to start from the bottom and make your way through the thorns and barriers if you want to reach the top.

When expats with master degrees come to US, they don't mind washing dishes in a coffee shop, because they know they need to start from the bottom. But, in Dubai everyone suddenly wants to be a manager. Immediately. Preferably with 5 figures package and allowances.

I guess the recipe to eliminate the depression is:

Hard work + realistic perspective + learning - complaints.

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