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Thinking of Going for Excursion? 3 Places You Can Visit in Ghana

If you ever thought of where you would want to visit or have fun in Ghana, then this article has covered it all. In this article I have stated 3 wonderful places you can visit or have your excursion at in Ghana. Kindly follow me by clicking on the + Follow button at the top right corner so that you can read my recent and past articles.

First on the list is the Kakum National Park. The Kakum National Park is located in the Central Region. The Kakum National Park has a serene environment where families and freinds can hav lots of fun there. Also, at the Kakum National Park, there is a Canopy walk over 6km. It is very scary and frightening to walk on the canopy. People scream and cry while walking. What makes it scary is that, the canopy moves side ways when walking on it. The canopy walk is about 30 feet above-ground. All the same is very interesting when you are done walking.

The second place you can visit is the Elmina Castle. The Elmina Castle is located in Cape Coast, Central Region of Ghana. The Elmina Castle was built during the colonial era to harbor the white colonial masters and the slaves. The Elmina Castle serves as a reminiscence to Ghanaians anytime they visit there. It is nice play to visit because you can feel and hear the sound of the sea breeze.

The third place to visit is the Mountain Afadjato. Mountain Afadjato is the tallest mountain in Ghana. If you happen to climb the mountain to its apogee, you can see Togo, a neighbouring country to Ghana. But, it is not easy to climb to apex of the mountain. It comes with a lot fun when climbing this mountain such as people crying and panting because they are really tired.

All these three places are wonderful places you can visit in Ghana.

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