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Check Out The Main Reasons Why Planes And Bird Don't Fly In Mecca

You might have seen some people asking why don’t planes fly over the Holy Kaaba in Makkah? Why birds don’t sit on the Holy Kaaba?

the reason for not allowing planes to fly over the Holy Kaaba and Makkah is that Non-Muslims are not allowed to travel to Makkah. If you allow airplanes to travel, there would be many Non-Muslims crossing Makkah in air.

No planes fly over the Holy Kaaba because there is no airport in the city of Makkah. The second reason airplanes don’t fly over the Holy Kaaba is due to the fact that the Saudi government has categorised the city of Makkah as a non-flying zone for commercial flights for its respect.

For these reasons, as well as the fact that the Kaaba is the Earth's center of gravity. The Kaaba is considered sacred and also it is hard for birds or even airplanes to fly above it, due to the magnetic force.

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