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Reasons Why Accra Is Populated As Compared To Other Places In Ghana.

To the lane man, many Ghanaians like going to Accra simply because, it is the capital of Ghana. But in reality they rather would like to stay there for over a thousand reasons and, this is because of the individual differences. The following are the reasons why people prefer Accra to other places in Ghana.

1. For job opportunities, because of the title Accra is having as the capital, many business opportunities are available there and are so affordable. Also, comparing it to those in other places, the price at which labor is paid is huge.

2. For the title of City boy or girl. Emotionally, many people prefer to be seen as coming from the city and, as a result, neglecting the hardships over there. Some go there and hardly find a place to sleep but because of the title, they are there.

3. Because of the beauty. Accra is known to have so many facilities as compared to other places of the country Ghana and for the purpose of this beauty, many people go to build there and settle

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