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Don’t travel abroad if you can save GHS300 monthly - UAE-based Ghanaian

UAE-based Ghanaian Kwabena Amos has stated that the youths must avoid paying agents for ‘connection’ and protect their jobs if they can save GHS300 monthly. 

According to Amos, he has learnt a lot about work ethics at his current job and would gladly accept a GHS300-paying job in Ghana. 

In a chat on Daily Hustle Worldwide with DJ Nyaami, Amos mentioned that his thoughts about travelling to the United Arab Emirates at the time were childish. Amos indicated that he was only excited about leaving Ghana for another country. 

“My advice to the Ghanaian youth is that if they have jobs and can save GHS10 daily, hold on to it. It’s not all about the amount you get monthly. You may rush into travelling abroad, but you will return home after two months if you don’t have a hustler mentality. 

There are no weddings or funerals here for you to attend. No friend visits you, and you can’t go to a friend. Even if you can, the cost involved will convince you not to do it. And you won’t be okay,” he said on SVTV Africa.

Moreover, Amos disclosed that he would want to come to Ghana after his contract ends because he wants to apply what he learnt in Abu Dhabi in his home country. According to him, he’ll be glad even if he receives GHS300 monthly. 

Kindly watch the full interview below;

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