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The Netherlands is no fun I prefer living in Ghana - Netherlands based Ghanaian

16-year old Dutch-Ghanaian Tiktoker Comfort Albert has sent out a piece of advice to Ghanaians who wish to travel abroad. She mentioned that in her two years of schooling in her father’s home country, the experience has been disappointing. 

In a chat on SVTV Africa, Connie mentioned that Ghana is a much more delightful place to live. She describes the Netherlands as boring and Ghanaians as sociable. 

“Don’t say you want to come here because it is no fun. You have to work more than you ever will in Ghana. Ghana is fun, and the weather here is bad. It’s always cold.”

"It’s not like in Ghana where you can go out and play football with the kids on the streets. But here, you won’t find anyone outside to even talk to,” Connie told DJ Nyaami.

Connie, however, mentioned that she is free from corporal punishment from Ghanaian teachers. Connie added that she would come back home after completing school. 

“The education system here is better than in Ghana. Also, teachers don’t flog students here, but I was flogged many times in Ghana. We are kids. So we may need it, but there should be a limit.”

Comfort was born in Ghana to a Dutch father and a Ghanaian mother. She had her primary education in Ghana and moved to her father’s home country in 2020. She is well known for her videos on Tiktok and Instagram. 

Kindly watch the full interview on YouTube: SVTV Africa

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