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The Hidden Tourist Site In Ghana and How to Uncover It

The Kulmasa Crocodile Pond in the Savannah Region has become one of the Underperforming tourist site in Ghana. The Site hasn't been fully discovered by the masses due to several factors including its location.

As close as it is to the Upper West Region, Most People from the Region still travel to Paga in the Upper East Region to Discover and have a feel of the Crocodile world.

One can find not less than 10 crocodiles in the Kulmasa Crocodile Pond.

The Kulmasa Crocodile Pond is located 58 Kilometers away from Wa. The Land is overseen by the Bolewura in the Bole District of Bole Traditional Area.

Having a discussion with the Kulmasa Youth Association President on Ways to Make the Site Attractive to visitors, he noted that there has to be some investments made, he sighted instances where the water level wasn't sufficient, the water level drops and that he said affects the Animals, he added that the Road leading to the tourist site is deplorable and as a result most people hardly build the zeal to invite others there or return after the first trip.

Mr. Abubakari Bansuma Issahaku added that a little push from the Sawla-Tuna-Kalba District Assembly will go a long way to uplift the site to full functionality.

Statement of the Youth Association Chairman Kulmasa

"As a community, we have some potentials, we have a crocodile pond, the only difficulty is that people are not aware of the crocodile pond so I would wish that we get it advertised, it is my understanding that people leave Wa to Page to see Crocodiles whereas Kulmasa is 27 Miles from Wa, People can come here, Imagine transportation cost from here to Paga alone, that's a lot of Money, meanwhile within a matter of 30 Minutes you can be at Kulmasa to see the crocodiles and other tourist sites we have, so our appeal is that if we can get other NGOs to partner us to make our tourist potential in the community very visible, that would go a long way to helping the community as a whole.".

Assembly Member for the Area, Mr. Mwinlanaa Abudu, has also called for the Sawla Tuna Kalba District Assembly to channel resources into the Pond which serves as a tourist site in order to make it lucrative for the community and the country.

Statement of Assembly Man:

"We have a tourist center, and the that tourist center has Crocodiles, but one issue there is that the water that hosts the crocodiles is drying up, we need to work on the site to ensure the site can house the crocodiles in order not to lose them".


Per the Developments Raised, it would have been prudent if the Ministry of Tourism headed by Dr. Mohammed Awal will allocate some funds to upgrade the status of the Kulmasa Crocodile Pond, if the Ministry is able to push some investments into the Site, most people including students will gladly visit the location to have a feel of Nature and as a result revenue can be generated for both the Assembly and the National Purse.

The Pond Needs to be Equipped with Permanent Staff to properly Manage it and Market it. Human Resource is an Important Capital to for see the needs required in getting the Tourist site to the World.

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