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[THROWBACK]: Massive Reactions As Large Sea Creature Washed Unto The Shores.

Sperm whales... They're the biggest toothed predators of all time.

Their conical teeth are massive; large rake marks on the bulbous foreheads of competing bulls showcase how they use their teeth... as a means of fighting one another.

Despite being the biggest toothed predators on the planet, we know very little about their lives

We know they eat Giant Squid, but we've never seen it happen... When we rip open their guts in necropsies, we find the beaks of their prey. Sucker marks from squid scar their faces. But we have never seen the interaction before

The best we can muster is footage of a sperm whale coming up from its immense dive, chewing on the mantle of a giant squid.

The body of a 40ft (12m) long sperm whale was washed up on the seashore of East Yorkshire. It was one of seven whales that died after becoming stranded at Withernsea on 24 December.

Contractors used specialist equipment to remove the whale before taking it to a rendering plant for disposal. Two other whales was washed back out into the sea.

The 20 tonne creature was loaded on to a bespoke metal sledge and pulled along the beach by heavy plant machinery.

This is a throwback on an incident which happened in the first month of this year.

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Giant Squid


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