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Why Is Dubai The City Of Gold?

We all have dreams of traveling to other continent or countries because they look nicer in our eyes.Once again,am here to tell you why a city is named "The city of Gold".All I want from you is to to read,share and stay safe.

So far so good,europe holds the record of having the world's most visited cities in the world.Aside that which other city in another part of the world do you think is capable of leading the famous cities in Europe like, Paris,London, Amsterdam,Berlin..etc.?

It's will obviously be Dubai.Dubai is currently the one of the most visited city in the world.It had 16M visitors last year.Dubai is located in the mid-east.It is also one of the richest countries in the world with a population of 3million people with a net worth of $14b.Dubai has buildings and environment which is catchy to everyone in any part of the world.People say travelling to Dubai is like traveling to the future.What makes Dubai the city of Gold?

Burg Khalifa which is known to be the tallest skyscraper in the world has 163 floors with 2,716 feet.It has been the tallest building in the world since 2010 when it was opened.Do you think it world be the tallest building in the world? Big no.Saudi Arabia is making a maga project to raise a skyscraper with 3,280 feet.Justs building cost Dubai $1.5 billion.Skyscrapers will obviously becoming boring to see one day so Dubai has made a plan to build a rotating skycraper with will cost them $1.2 billion.

This would be first ever rotating tower will also be the first ever prefabricated tower and it will cost individuals$4M-$40M to hire an apartment in that tower.Are you wondering why Dubai get all these money's from? I will answer you as I conclude.

Another reason why it is called the city of Gold is that Dubai is planning to build a museum of the future.This will also cost $109M.It will be full of robots which will help in human decision making in the future.

Last but not least is the Burg Al Arab.It was built two decades ago,it is one of the popular and expensive seven star hotels in the world.This hotel sits on it own hand made island which looks like a sail.If you want to travel to Dubai and rent a apartment in the two hundred and two rooms offer,you need to be spending at least $2,000 a night if you want a cheap room.Why don't you go all in to hire the outrageously royals site which will cost you a whopping $24,000 per night.That look expensive right?Don't question me, it's the city of Gold we're talking about so expect something mindblowing.

Guess what's next?It's the Aladdin city.This would be city will feature three main towers which is been inspired by the story of the Aladdin.These towers will house 34 stores which will include,houses,offices and hotels.It would take 4,000 acres. Surprisingly,they will all resemble the jinn lamp.The will be connected with air-conditioned bridges.It will cost Dubai about $500,000M to build this renowed Aladdin city.Whats comes to your mind if you hear of Dubai,let me know in the comments section.How can you see all these skyscrapers?if you don't want to use an helicopter,then you need to visit the Dubai frame.On it,you can see the old view if the Dubai city on one side and the current view on the other side.

I will end this with the underwater train with Dubai is yet to build,it will travel from Dubai to India (Mumbai) in 2 hours.Wait,you might be wondering where Dubai gets all these money's from right?For all we know is they get their funds from the rich Dubai royal families.

Am pretty sure,you will like to visit the Dubai in the future right?

There's one only way to get to Dubai when you are ready.All you have to do is work harder and be time cautious.We all have 24 hours in a day but only few become successful at the end of the day.Sit down today,do self assessment if you really want a real future,it won't be always comfortable at the start because everything has it's thrills and spills.

I hope you enjoyed my article and you got motivated as well.Thank you for reading,stay safe and as always"We see differently".

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