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I regretted leaving Ghana immediately after I arrived in Turkey - Turkey-based Ghanaian

Turkey-based Ghanaian Abbas Adams has stated that he felt disappointed and dissatisfied immediately after he arrived at the Turkish airport three years ago. 

Speaking on Daily Hustle Worldwide with DJ Nyaami, Abbas mentioned that he saved Ghs10,000 in three years to pay off his travel expenses to Turkey. According to him, he has always wanted to travel and tried several times but to no avail. 

In effect, he took the opportunity to Turkey when he heard it. However, he was disappointed when he arrived in Turkey. 

“My host came to pick me up at the airport, bought me food and hailed a ride home. He took me to a ghetto, and I wondered if this was really ‘aburokyire.’ We had to pay 100 dollars for a room to sleep in, but all I had was 80 dollars, so I gave him 60 and kept 20 dollars. The room was full of beds, so we had to share. I felt sad,” he said.

Abbas indicated that it took him four months to get a job in Turkey, but it was a tough one. According to him, it is tough to get a job here, especially during the winter. 

“When I finally got a job, I heard that many people quit the job because it is hard. Within two hours of work, I was tired, but I endured for six months. We work for 12 hours straight.

I make 5000 Turkish Lira (Ghs2400) monthly. The decision to travel was not bad, but it was the country I chose was bad. I would have succeeded if I bought a taxi and worked in Ghana,” he said on SVTV Africa. 

Abbas disclosed that painkiller is his only refuge in Turkey due to the stress he goes through. 

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