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The Mythical Tree That Bears Human Fruits

The Nariphon is mythical tree with mystical powers. The tree is found in Buddhist mythology and it is believed to bear fruits in the shape of young ladies. The Nariphon is also called Makkaliphon is believed to be situated in the forest of Himaphan. The fruits are the reserves of supernatural beings according to the Buddhist narratives.

The fruit was planted by God to distract men from attacking the wife one Buddhist monk who lived in the forest. The narrative continues that the trees bear fruit daily in the said forest until the world loses Buddha's teachings when the forest and the tree will both vanish. It is believed that the fruits have all human organs except bones, they are endowed with magical powers and have very good singing and dancing abilities.

It is believed two pods have been kept in a Buddhist temple near Bangkok to date. Replica of the fruit is common in Thai Buddhist temples and are sold for their mystical powers.

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