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Ride In To The Huhunya Forest

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Let go on a trip to Boti, a quiet village or should I say town in the Manya Krobo district of the Eastern Region of Ghana. A town which is 30 minutes drive from the capital cite of the Eastern Region of Ghana but can boost of, one of the finest forest reserve that host three major different tourist site. Guess what?

I'm talking about the Huhunya forest, which houses the famous Boti waterfalls, umbrella rock and the three headed palm tree, in Ghana. It is always best to arrange for a guided tour. I say this because, the tour guide will tell good old stories and myths during the walk, that will educate you on the rich traditions and the history of each site you visit in the Huhunya forest. There are no wild lives in the forest so it makes it save for the whole family to visit.

For me my favorite part of the trip was when we had to hike down on a small 250 concrete steps that led you to the beautiful waterfalls with it pool. And the pool, my friends you can swim in it. So you can take your kids along, for them to have a feel of swimming in a forest.

According to the locals, the waterfalls is divided into a male and the a female. The male binging the largest and the females binging the smallest. Also they said, when the two merges, a rainbow is formed. and this means that the two rivers are mating. Yes I mean mating. If you do not believe me, visit the place for your self.

Within the vicinity of the falls are summer huts and visitor facilities that tourists and other fun loving and adventurous travelers can rest after the tour. Ghana is a safe place for tourism and a fun place to be on this planet. And to my fellow Ghanaians let visit this place to promote local tourism.

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