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Land of the giants: the tribe that has the tallest people in Africa

Africa is blessed with very beautiful landscapes, vegetative green forest, several mineral resources, livestock and wildlife, and beautiful cultures mixed with several different races and tribes coming up to form a huge land which is blessed by the sun.

Africans are mostly known for many things in which incredible height is mostly our natural genes but there is a stand out country which has incredibly tall people. An average tall person in this country can be as tall as 7.5 feet tall and is known to be an incredible gift cherished by many cultures.

The Dinka tribe or Dinka people are a native Nilotic ethnic group or clan located in Sudan and spread across the live along the Nile, from Jonglei to Renk, in the region of bahr el ghazal in the Upper Nile.

During puberty initiations adults are maid to make large spiral marks on their foreheads to mark the transition from childhood to adulthood.

The elder or fetish priest uses a reddish hot dagger on their foreheads to draw these marks and it is a taboo for any initiator to either cry or yell as such person may be seen as a failure or unfit for the society.

They have a population of 4 million people even though spread around several parts of the african continent. The Dinka people are predominantly farmers and cattle rearers who see cattle rearing or herd size as a cultural heritage or source of wealth( A man’s wealth is determined by the number of cattle he has) and crops such as millet, maize, sorghum, sesame and groundnut.

The Dinka tribe are known for their incredibly height tying alongside the Tsutsi tribe of Rwanda as the two most tallest people in the african continent.

Many studies rate the Dinka tribe as the tallest tribe due to their source of nutrition and and geographical location as they’re mostly found in high climate areas making them resistant to harsh weather conditions.

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