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I knelt, I cried but I saw the future of Dubai [fiction]

Dubai remains a centre for business investment and tourist attraction in the world. The development and advancement of life in Dubai keep raining like never before. In Dubai, one of the tourist attractions this is what happened.

Like every tourist visitation, a brief history about the site will be told as well as the current state. But in Dubai, they give the future as well. You wonder how right? Let go through an experience at the Dubai frame.

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 The Dubai frame is a rectangular tall building situated at the centre of Dubai in an area called Zabeel park. It gives you a birds-eye view of the fascinating metropolitan hub that sprawls below it. The exterior of the frame is clad with 15,000 square meters of gold and over 29,000 square meters of laminated glasses coated with titanium nitrate to create a thin film of gold colouring surface.

At least you now know how the site looks like, a lot about the future Dubai was told but let categorise them into four; advanced health, transport systems, energy generation and the space station agenda.

Dubai looks forward to improving the quality of its health care system to the extent of making disability no count. Amputees will be giving the lost body that looks natural and effective as how God created mankind. 

Transportation despite the world standard and classic means of transport, Dubai intend to start using a mini flying commercial car to hasten transport and also reduce land travel. Cars will use a sensor to space up on the roads to prevent accidents. Underground roads for trains and ships are on the way.  

In the future, Dubai will no more use fuels from the sea, electricity power from water bodies but will depend on the sun and the air for energy generation.

In the space agenda of Dubai, almost all the development world are trying to seek a place in space and Dubai is not an exception. It has the vision to build the biggest space station. This is to be their new settlements should this planet Earth becomes life existence-threatening. The settlement will be made and rocket to space.

Where does Dubai get motivation for the development? They simply empowered by their Lord, His Highness Sheikh Mohammed Rashid bin kouten. These three quotes from him say it all.

"The worthy man is the one who works for the advancement of his country and adds new glories to those achieved by his forefathers".

" The future is for those who dare to dream and finds courage to pursue their dream.

"We want to be the number one".

I knelt, I cried but I saw the future of Dubai.

I knelt down to take pictures in the frame, I cried when I watch the video the future of Dubai 

I hope you enjoyed it, thank you very much for reading.

Enjoy more pictures of the new Dubai.

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