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Sofoline Interchange: See current dirty looking pictures of the underpass(tunnel)

The Sofoline interchange is a flyover that is still located in Sofoline, Kumasi. It was good news to the people of Ghana and mostly Kumasi when the Government decided to construct an interchange in the area.

Formerly the Sofoline area was extremely dusty, citizens and drivers operating in that route complained bitterly about how dusty the environment in that area was and how it was affecting their lives.

The Sofoline interchange forms part of the Kumasi-Sunyani road. This Interchange construction is a blessing in the sense that it is going to reduce congestion in the Sofoline area and its underpass is going to save people from having to cross the entire road to get to the other side. It’s a time-saving project since people who are going to use the underpass will get to their destinations faster.

A look inside the underpass will bring joy to your heart because the place has been beautified with historic LED pictures of some important places and personalities in Ghana.

Shockingly current pictures circulating on social media indicates that despite the pleasing looks of the underpass people have managed to turn the place into a refuse dump with trash being dumped over the entire place.

This scene is both shocking and disgusting. You might ask yourself who is to be blamed for this the Government or the People. Fellow Ghanaians we ought to be each other keeper. The Government has done their part on this one, it is left with us to do the rest and keep Ghana clean.

Below are some of the reactions on social media:

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