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The Difference Between Hotel, Motel, Lodge, Guest House And Inns

Most of us rely on booking various accommodations when traveling. But what is really the difference between a hotel, motel, and an inn?

Have you ever been to a lodge? Normally people use the services of a hotel in tourist destinations and know what it means to stay at a hotel for a few days. But most remain confused about the differences between a lodge and a hotel as both provide accommodation to travelers and tourists.

This is why I will get to define each of them:

1) Hotels are the product of big corporations with professional designers, matching furniture plucked from a warehouse offering long-lasting, almost-comfortable furniture, each room being identical giving patrons a familiarity and the knowledge that what you see online is what you get more or less when you arrive in your room.

2) motels 

Often located off major roadways, and while they typically offer many of the same features of a hotel, they tend to be smaller buildings usually under 3-stories with ample free parking and can be priced above or below both an Inn or a Hotel.

3) Guesthouse is another budget-friendly and often very social stayover option. Guests do not reserve rooms at hostels but rent beds usually a bunk bed in a dormitory with other travelers. Below, you can read about how hostels are modernizing to stay relevant and how hostels differ from other types of hotels.

4) A lodge is an inn where travelers stay overnight. If you’re in need of a night’s sleep while traveling an out of the way country road, you’re more likely to find yourself at a lodge than a fancy or chain hotel.

5) An inn is a place to stay while you're on vacation or on the road. Inns are usually smaller and more charming than hotels, but they serve the same purpose: to give you a place to rest your weary head as you travel.

Some inns are more charming versions of hotels, while others use the word inn simply to make them sound more appealing than a motel. The original meaning of inn was "lodging and food for travelers," although today some inns don't have a restaurant or bar attached.

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