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Beautiful Pictures of Places In Ghana That You Need To Know About

Ever had a road trip from Ho to Hohoe through the magnificent hilly landscape and lush green vegetation of the stunning rocky rolling hills of the “Avatime Area”? The invigorating weather and stunning view of the Avatime hills would definitely take your breath away.

Let me take you on a verbal road trip around my favorite parts of the journey and expose you to some of the numerous fun adventures and beautiful sights to see.

Concentrating my tour around the craggy highlands from “Vane” to “Fume” so you can have a unique experience of the beauty of Volta.


The Avatime Traditional Area has a lot of Tourism potentials to boast of and below is a few;

*They have the highest human settlement in Ghana, Amedzorpe.

*They have hunting and farming trails leading to the caves and waterfalls great for hiking.

*They have captivating peaceful scenery to heal your minds and brisk forest air to feel your lungs.

*They have numerous waterfalls like the #Kulugu_Falls in Biakpa and the #Ayarife_Falls in Gbadzeme and even the #OteFalls

* They have an ancient cave with a mysterious pot called “The Leopards cave”.

*They have astonishing rock formations all over the towns and unique ones in the forest.

*They have numerous natural streams and creeks with fresh natural water.

*They also have fruits especially Banana and Avocado Pear so bring along your roasted groundnuts and Bread.


You would get a Car at the “Ho lorry station” near the Ho Market. The 14 seater cars take 18cedis whiles the 4 seater small cars take 23cedis.

The journey starts with a climb onto the Avatime hills right from the Ho township on the #Taviefe road. The roads are beautiful and the view of as you ascend and descend is breathtaking.

You would go through settlements like “Matse”, “Dzolo Gborgame” to “Dzolo-Kpuita”. And the beauty of how people built their houses among the trees and on the hilly rocks at the foot of the mountain would catch your eye.

After Kpuita” is the first sharp curve and then you get into the beautiful “Vane” township. Limit your speed around this place as you slowly descend the curvy highlands, and enjoy the astonishing green-infused natural scenery all around. 


Vane is the first settlement located on the highland after the first curve on the Ho-Fume-Hohoe road and it is also the Capital of the Avatime Traditional area.

The geometric design of the roads in this town is very beautiful with the roads curving at various places in the town. A drone shot would give you a fair understanding.

It’s just about a 30minutes drive from Ho and you’ve got to make time to visit their rice festival dubbed “AMU FESTIVAL” every first week in November. But the magic for me is in “Biakpa”.


Biakpa is a beautifully craggy town on the rocky highlands of the Avatime Hills and my favorite town on the road you must do a stopover or a sleepover. Do visit the “Mountain Paradise Lodge” for a drink and ask for directions and a TourGuide if you intend to hike.

They also have an African-inspired drinking spot called #Unity_Gardens in one of the curves where you can get yourself some fresh Palmwine.

Biakpa has the KULUGU WATERFALLS which is the best place for a hike and a waterfall adventure in Ghana. Going on a hiking adventure the next time so I can travel on the ancient hunting trails from Biakpa to the Kulugu falls. I hear you have to drop down with a rope at some point in the Journey to be able to reach the falls. Solid adventure.

And then the huge chain of rock formations out of which the road network has been carved is another sight to see in Biakpa.

The road has been carved out of the rocks in a spectacular manner that your right side of the road is a steep valley with concrete barricades to protect cars from falling over, whiles the other side is the long-range of hilly rocks with a series of concrete climbing footpaths designed on it for climbers whose houses or farms are up the hills. On the next trip, I am climbing.

One of the most magnificent sights to see on the road is the breathtaking view of the entire #Gbadzeme village in a birds-eye view in one of the curves. I made the driver slow so I could watch and this view would melt your heart. Next time I am taking pictures at that spot. Absolutely amazing picturesque view.


The Lodge is located in an idyllic and completely undisturbed environment on the road. A must-visit if you want to enjoy the beautiful view of the lush mountains and their soothing weather. This place has the healing weather needed to rejuvenate your soul.

They have this awesome Gazebo bar perfectly positioned to give you a great view of the mountains and hills insight as you sip on your drink. The breeze and the view from this gazebo got healing powers and they got rooms for as low as 95cedis.

Check out the prices and pictures of the hotel and book or just pass-through for a drink.


Fume the last town at the foot of the mountain ranges as you exit on the main Hohoe-Fodome road. The Ho to Hohoe road intersects with the Accra to Hohoe road in Fume and they are noted for their very affordable fresh fruits market at the intersection.

Next time I would carry a bottle of roasted groundnuts and a bag of bread for the Fume Banana and Avocado Pear respectively.

From here the Hohoe township is just about a 30minutes drive. And Hohoe itself gives you a different level of sights and sounds in Ghana.

Content created and supplied by: Douglas22g (via Opera News )

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