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Ayat-GTA Saga: Agency Denies Giving GTA Authorisation

Samsal, the agency that allegedly gave the Ghana Tourism Authority (GTA) the right to use the “GUDA” video in a tourism advertisement has broken its silence over the saga.

In a press statement, the creative agency with expertise in video production and creation of marketing materials admitted entering into a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with the Authority, however, it denied authorising the use of Kirani Ayat’s Video.

“We entered into a memorandum of understanding with the Ghana Tourism Authority for their endorsement and support regarding the rollout and distribution of the Discovery Wrist Band (an all-access pass to an extensive and well-curated lineup of all highly sought-after events scheduled to take place during the Christmas season in Ghana)”.

It added that the “core obligation of the GTA in the agreement was to provide logistics support for us in the form of bus, hotel accommodation and free access to tourist sites for the purpose of filming the creative content to market Ghana.

“We put together a video reel (mood board) which we showed to the GTA as inspiration and direction for the video we intended to use during the campaign”, it said, noting that the mood board was a blend of various videos including that of Ayat’s (GUDA) video.

It furthered that the scandalised tourism advertisement the president posted on his Twitter page contained a snippet of the mood board and accused the GTA of using the mood board without its permission as well.

“We never authorised the GTA to publish the mood board or any scenes from it”, it affirmed.

Samsal added that the GTA failed to finance the Discovery Wrist Band as agreed in the MoU.


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