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The Untold Story of Kakum National Park.

A visit to the Kakum virgin rainforest by nature lovers gives a fascinating great jungle experience. Located about 30km from Cape Coast, the Central Regional capital, and about 170km from Accra, Ghana's capital, the Kakum national park covers an area of about 370 square kilometres with a moist green rainforest vegetation type.

The Kakum national park was established in 1931 initially as a forest reserve but was later in 1992 gazetted as a national park. The initial idea of the establishment of the Kakum national park was masterminded by the local indigenes and not by the State Department of wildlife normally responsible for wildlife preservation.

Kakum Canopy Walkway

Due to it's uniqueness, it is normally referred to as the only canopy walkway in Africa. It was constructed by two Canadians in a quest to increase tourism in the national park. The canopy walkway helps to have a stunning view of the virgin rainforest. This helps individuals to appreciate the beauty of nature.

The are two options visitors can take during visitations. With option one, there are seven bridges which are forty metres high and three-hundred and fifty metres tall with seven stopovers or platforms. And for option two, visitors would walk on three bridges which are eleven metres high and one-twenty metres high with two stopovers or platforms.

The entire Kakum national park has a wide range of side attractions to offer apart from the canopy walkway. I deem it necessary to bring into light the other side attractions experienced at the Kakum national park.

Kakum Children's Park

The Children park serves as a learning and leisure base for kids. A mini canopy walkway has been constructed for children who want to have the canopy walkway experience. A place every child need to experience at least once in a lifetime.

Nature Walk or Hiking

Visitors are given permission to take a natural walk through the primary and secondary forest to explore the forest under supervision of a guard at the park. Animals of interest may be sighted in the forest.

Kakum Tree House

There are fully furnished houses on top of trees for individuals or family that has been designed with rainforest materials for eco-luxury. Visitors are usually served with breakfast.

Kakum Museum/ Exhibition

A beautiful museum is present where rainforest exhibition are made. Items are exhibited under the following themes: rainforest biodiversity, ecosystem service, diorama, forest and culture, climate change, conservation efforts and products of the park.

Kakum Hilltop and Afrafranto Campsite

Individuals, Student groups, and organizations can organize themselves for camping at the park.

Kakum Bird watching

Individuals can encounter estimated 300 species of birds of special interest.

Kakum Research

Individuals and students can conduct their academic researches by making inquiries into biological diversity of the rainforest.

Kakum Gift Shops and Restaurant (Rainforest Café).

There is a gift shop present where wood carvings, beads, paintings, clothing, tie and dyes, bracelets, home decor and other kitchen items are sold at affordable prices and a café where special local and continental dishes together with drinks are served.

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