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Enlighten Your Mind With Capitals Of Some Countries.

The Capital City of a country is mostly the seat of government such countries.The Head of the Executive, Parliament or Legislature and Judiciary are usually based in the capitals. The capitals are deliberately made attractive to give a positive impression about a country. It also provides a good self impression about a country to foreigners who mostly arrive in that country by air (aeroplane) at the various international airports in the capitals.

In some cases, countries like South Africa has three capitals cities or towns as it Capitals namely; Pretoria,Cape Town and Bloemfontein.The Executive is based inPretoria,Judicial also in Bloemfontein and Legislature or Parliament in Cape Town.Bolivia, which also has La Paz and Sucre as it Capitals. In this article, we have some countries as their capitals.

1.South Africa- Pretoria, Cape Town and Bloemfontein.

2.Malaysia- Kuala Lampur

3.Spain- Madrid

4.Italy- Rome.

5.Ghana- Accra.

6.Togo- Lome

7.Cote D’Ivoire.

8.Nigeria- Abuja

9.China- Beijing.

8.India- New Delhi

9.Russia- Moscow.

10.Egypt- Cairo.

11.Botswana- Gaborone

12.France- Paris.

13.England- London

14.United States of America(USA)- Washington D.C


16.Australia- Sydney.


18.Mexico- Mexico City.

19.Brazil- Brasilia.

20.Cuba- Havana

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