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Checkout the cleanest and safest country in Africa

Talk about the cleanest country in Africa, people will find difficulties in pointing out the specific country. You cannot really tell which country is the cleanest as well as which country is the dirtiest. Maybe, most of you will make assumptions about South Africa being the cleanest country on the continent. Well, I am sorry to disappoint you all.

This article is going to enlighten you on not only the cleanest country in Africa but also, the safest country to travel to alone on this continent.

Africa's cleanest country and safest country to travel to alone happens to be Rwanda. According to Africa Facts Zone, Rwanda is Africa's 2nd best country to do business and also has the best judiciary, the second best police force and the third best roads. They are gradually setting an example to other African countries and I really do hope that these countries learn a great deal from them.

Rwanda is Africa's 2nd leading nation in gender equality and it is Africa's leading cashless economy. A country that tolerates gender equality is one which respects the rights of all citizens. For this reason, people especially females, can roam about freely without thinking about being abused for no reason. This is how safe their system has made them.

According to Africa Facts Zone 2022, aside Rwanda being the cleanest can in Africa, it's capital known as Kigali is also the cleanest city on this continent.

Well, before I end it all, there is a question I want to ask you all. When is Ghana and Nigeria going to attain such a height?

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