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Get to know the beautiful sceneries in the Upper East Region.

The Upper East Region can boost of beautiful sceneries which can attract tourists to come and visit. The Upper East Region whose capital is Bolgatanga is a very peaceful place to live in. The city is big and beautiful, it contains a lot of people who came from far places to come and do businesses. Some of its main communities mainly are farmers. They farm and what they produce is used to feed the community and also they sell some to earn money for themselves. The people are so lovely and are always there for one another.

Below are some attractive places that you can go to have fun.

1. Tongo hills: The Tongo hills are located in Tongo in the Talensi District.


2. The Tenzug Shrines: These shrines are also located in the Talensi District.


3. Paga crocodile pond: Located in paga


4. Gambaga witch camp


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Bolgatanga Paga Talensi Tenzug Tongo


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