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The World's Heritage Site That Has Been Spared By War

Archaeologists have discovered that the city of Shibam is one of the world's heritage sites which has some far years back been spared by war.

The Shibam city is located in Yemen which contains some remains of the war fought sometime ago.

The building is believed to have existed since the 18th centuries.

Yemen is one of the countries in the world believed to be a war zone.

A number of conflicts have happened there several years ago but still exist.

It's infact an unrest country that forces people to migrate to safe places leaving the country like a ghost one.

In acient times, there have been a number of building that were constructed across the globe used by warriors and colonial masters.

In Ghana, the Elmina Castle is one of the ancient buildings which was built by colonial masters and still up standing for tourism purposes.

Paying heed to ancient Egypt were Africa civilizations started, a good number of strong buildings still exist just like the one in this article.

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