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The Gradual Fall Of A Once Famous City In Ghana

A town is said to be very important and famous, when it is blessed with very interesting and important things like tourist attractions, religious places, fair or forts, ancient monuments, a busy attractive mall or a quite peaceful natural sceneries.

Important National resources, national projects, rivers, special dishes, or some people's way of life, can also can make a place very important and popular.

Accra is very popular because it is the capital City of Ghana; and also because it has many national projects like the Accra Sports Stadium, The National Theater of Ghana, the Kwame Nkrumah Mausoleum, The International Conference Center, Black Star Square, the big Beaches, the Airport, and many more.

Also, town begin to lose their importance or popularity, when things they are noted for, start disappearing, or get completely lost.

Kpong is one of the most important and popular towns Ghana has. It is a town in the Lower Manya Krobo District, of the Eastern Region of Ghana.

It is one of the very few towns in Ghana, that is blessed with great national projects like Kpong Hydro Electric Power Plant (located in Akuse), and the Ghana Water Company-Kpong.

The Kpong town is also noted for its busy roads, hard working women and young girls, who are into the Abolo and 'Woevi' (one-man thousand fishes), and the fresh Volta Tilipia business.

Today; Kpong, the once busy and famous town, is gradually falling, due the continue misunderstands between the Youth of the Kroboland, and the Electricity Company of Ghana, leading to a total 'black-out', in the town, and also in the entire Kroboland (Yilo and Manya Krobo).

It all started with the May 2017 rampage; and the November 22, 2021 demonstration by the Yilo and the Manya Krobo Youth, against the Electricity Company of Ghana (ECG), in the Eastern Region. The clash saw the entire Kroboland going totally ‘power off‘.

On Monday December 6, 2021, there was another total power cut, by the Electricity Company of Ghana (EGC), in the Kroboland; causing the residents, to travel to the nearby towns like ‘Belly Korfe’, ‘Elavanyo’ Akrade, Atimpoku, Akuse, Abusa Korfe, Dodowa, Adukrome, Apredi, etc, to charge their mobile phones and other electrical accessories.

Because the misunderstand is yet to be resolved between the ECG and the Krobo Youth,, the entire communities have again been without power for the past weeks.

According to the ECG, power will only be restored to the Kroboland, after challenges faced by its staff are addressed.

Until then, the Kpong town; and the entire Yilo and Manya lands will remain in total 'light 0ff'; anf businesses halting.

Meanwhile, the Municipal health directorates of the Yilo Krobo and Lower Manya Krobo, have warned of a public health emergency if power is not restored to their districts.

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