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A Natural Spectacular | The world's most beautiful pink desert.

Deserts for all we know it is an endless heap of brown sand covering a large mass of area but have you ever came across a pink desert? well definitely not.

This is a pink desert located in Tunisia.

Tunisia has a rich heritage from the Islamic Golden Age and extensive desert.

There is something about this desert that is truly captivating for people, maybe it’s something about the unusual colour and the distance from everything, and the wide-open skies (a vast space where there seem to be no visible boundaries).

The thing about this pink desert definitely has the cool factor to become popular for its inherent Instagram appeal, decades it has attracted over millions of tourists. This epic desert experience takes you on a guided adventure to some of the most remote areas of Tunisia, and the impressive rolling dunes of sands.

It's quite mysterious how such a magnificent and naturally occurring pink desert came about, impressively nature is beautiful and there's no denying that fact.

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Islamic Golden Age Tunisia


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