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6 Most Forbidden Places In The World

There are forbidden places around the world that no human is allowed to visit. In this article, we are going to take a deep dive and look at 6 places no human is allowed to enter. These islands are some of the most dangerous places on earth, and some of the most secretive.

Number 1 Plague Island

Plague Island, located in Italy. Poveglia Island is set to be made up of 50 dirt and 50 human ashes. Because you see for centuries this place was home to over 160 000 plague victims. In the 16th century, Venice didn't want to deal with the catastrophic effects of the disease that was going around. 

So individuals with plague symptoms would be banished from society and sent to Poveglia to isolate. When they passed away their bodies would be thrown into a death pit and set on fire. Now in 1922, the island became home to a mental Asylum and the person running the facility was a disturbed and deranged doctor. He would torture the patients and use them as experimental projects. Until one day he himself went insane and climbed to the top of the bell tower plunging himself down to his death. 

The hospital was then closed down in 1968 and it's been abandoned since. No one's allowed there and not even the fishermen from surrounding Islands want to go near that area. Claiming they hear horrifying screams from the ghosts of the patients. 

Number 2 Ramree Island

Now even if that wouldn't scare you off. How about a place that's so dangerous that people don't make it out alive? I'm talking about  Ramree Island. While humans are considered the dominant species on this earth on Ramree Island we're at the mercy of monsters. This Island is located off the coast of Burma. 

It is home to thousands of saltwater crocodiles averaging a length of 20 feet and weighing over 2 000 pounds each. As you can imagine on that tiny little island there's nowhere to run and there's nowhere to hide. Anywhere you set foot you'll come in contact with these crocodiles. You could potentially sneak yourself onto that Island at your own risk.

Number 3 North Sentinel Island

This Island is one of the most forbidden places on earth so much. The government of India has banned people from getting within three miles of it and the Navy does constant patrols to ensure its isolation. In the Bay of Bengal lies North Sentinel Island. Home to one of the last remaining tribes that have been around for over 60 000 years. The Sentinelese people want nothing to do with outsiders. In fact, they'll attack and kill anyone who even attempts to set foot there. 

In 2006 two fishermen washed up on their shores and were immediately murdered. In 2018 John Allen Chow wanted to bring Christianity to their tribe but was brutally shot with arrows. While his body is kept as a statement slash warning so that no other individuals entered their land. Not even warships and planes get a pass as the tribes will go as far as attacking them as well. While the people of North Sentinel Island are in fear of being extinct soon. 

Number 4 Surtsey Island

This place on our list is forbidden for entry due to the opportunities it presents scientists to witness the earth and the evolution of an ecosystem from scratch. Surtsey Island was formed in 1963 by a volcanic eruption off the southern coast of Iceland. Making it one of the youngest Islands on this planet. The island started off with just bacteria, fungi, and mold over time. The animal and plant species of Xerxes grew exponentially. 

It's estimated that there are now 335 invertebrates and 89 species of birds that inhabit this land. In order to preserve its development and watch its evolution, Xerxes is strictly off-limits to everyone else in the world except for a small select group of scientists. Now this place may be forbidden for the good of evolution.

Number 5 Miyake Jima Island

Miyake Jima Island is off-limits because of its dangers to humans located 110 miles south of Tokyo, Japan. Miyake Jima sits on top of an active chain of volcanoes and is home to poisonous gases. For that reason, it's been dubbed gas mask island in the year 2000 from June 26 to July 21st. The island received 17 500 earthquakes, and as a result, Mount Oyama erupted followed by the emission of a large amount of volcanic gas. Which contained a high concentration of sulfur dioxide. 

This forced every resident on that island to evacuate and for over eight years after the eruption, no one was allowed anywhere near Miyaki Jima. Since then the residents now have the choice to go back, however, they are required to carry gas masks with them at all times. Due to the poisonous gases that still loom.

Number 6 Ilha Da Queimada Grande

My next destination is 20 miles off the coast of Sao Paulo, Brazil. There's a tiny Island uninhabited by people so dangerous that it's made illegal for human entry. The island is called Ilha Da Queimada Grande or better known as Snake Island. 

This place is infested with some of the world's deadliest snakes including the golden glass head, and pit viper. One bite from it can cause kidney failure, intestinal bleeding, and death. It's said there are about 5 snakes per square meter meaning you're essentially walking in a landmine of venomous reptiles. The last time anyone ever lived there was in the 1920s around 100 years ago. Now if we fast forward 100 years in the future will the human race still be alive? 

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