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Know This Truth And Save YourSelf - Here's The Hidden Truth Behind Wearing Of Wigs

Do you know artificial hair [wig] a medium satan is using in sending many Christian souls to Hell fire?

This is a great revelation that many Christians, both men and women are evil possessed and the devil is using this medium in sending many to hell fire.

Remember heaven is a holy place and no artificial thing will enter heaven. Satan is using the wearing of artificial hair in stealing many souls to hell fire and christian women and men must be very careful.

Many Christian women are having many suffering such as marriage problem, spiritual marriage, demon possessed, spirit of lust and other demonic spirit that I cannot mention all at the moment.

These artificial hair you see on the market are from different source such as Brazil, Hindu, India and marine spiritual world.

The countries listed above are the most noticed ones who occasionally Sacrificed them to their gods then after export to different part of the world.

Country like Brazil, Hindu, India etc make sacrificed to their gods occasionally and what they use is their hair.

This hair Sacrificed represent that their sickness, problems, sins, and other dangers are taken from them by their believe and they do that every occasion. These hairs pass through a lot of spiritual process to their gods for acceptance.

These human hair sacrificed to the gods are then exported to different part of the world for business as sales.

To be honest with you my dear Christian sister, these artificial hairs are filled many with demonic spirit that is fighting with many Christian women today.

I believe you are suffering from a lot of problems and you have go to so many place yet no answered.

The solution is what you are wearing. If only you will remove it and seek the face of God you will be delivered with any problem you are suffering now.

Most of the artificial hair you see on the market are also from the marine spirit [deep sea]. Satan is using this as an instrument causing a lot of dangers in the Christian fellowship and it's time for all Christians to open their eyes and turn away from it.

My dear Christian women, i know most of you are suffering from spiritual marriage, demon possessed and other disease afflicted by the devil through the wearing of the artificial hair [Wig].

Please refrain from wearing them and you shall be set free. Don't allow the devil to use this means to hinder you from entering heaven and also endanger you on this earth. 

But the very hairs of your head are all numbered.

[Matthew 10:30] The Bible says that all the hairs on your head are all numbered. Remove that demon possession artificial hair on your head today and stay natural. 

Reference scripture [Isaiah 3:16-24, 1 Peter 3:3-5]

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