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Check Out How These Tribes Receive Visitors.

Every traveller expects to be given a nice and special reception. The kind of reception offered is an indication of whether one is accepted into a society or not.

People we offer reception to are of two different kinds. These are those passing by and those who will be living with us.

Different societies have different ways of reception to their visitors. Reception among Africans is said to have a lot of reasons for people who offer it.

Some Africans hold the belief that ancestors usually turn themselves into strangers to tempt us. In this case, if we do them good, we get rewarded and vice versa.

Also, gods and river spirits can also turn into humans to pass by our homes. If we give them a warm reception, we have passed out temptation. The biblical Abraham and wife through a kind reception offered, had favour from the Lord.

The kind of reception one will receive as a visitor is determined by the cultural background of your host.

Among the people of Northern Ghana, reception is very crucial in their lives. They relate everything to spiritualism. They believe strangers passing by may be ancestors, gods, spirits or angels. They therefore will sacrifice their belongings to the reception of a stranger.

The reception process starts with offering the stranger a seat to sit. Then a drink is offered. This drink is traditionally not plain water but millet-flour water or mashed tz or sometimes pito.

The family then gathers to welcome the stranger and to ask of his mission. This is usually done by men whiles the women are busily preparing food at the kitchen. The landlord offers a fowl or guinea fowl for the preparation of such good.

Food is served after which water is sent to the bathroom for the stranger to freshen up. A nicely dressed bed is offered for the stranger to pass the night.

Reception among the people of southern Ghana is no different from that of Northern Ghana. The only difference is that whiles northerners welcome strangers with flour water or pito, Southerners use plain water.

Irrespective of our cultural background, we should learn to be nice and generous to strangers. This may help to save lives and we would likely be reciprocated by Almighty God.


By: jmahama.

Content created and supplied by: Jmahama (via Opera News )

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