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Top 10 African Countries With The Most Powerful African Magic (Juju) - See The Position Of Ghana

If there is one thing Africans don't joke with, it's spirituality. They believe in all kinds of powerful creatures from ghosts to God.

Some even believe that their ancestors are looking after them from a different realm and many other strange spiritual beliefs. Africans are therefore very explorative with spirituality but today, the focus is on African magic.

Hence, we take a look at the top 10 list of African countries that are well known for their spiritual prowess. 

10. Togo

We begin with Togo, as the last country in the list of top 10 most powerful countries in Africa --- when African magic is mentioned. The people of Togo are naturally calm but hate to be bullied and belittled hence they stay in their lane and make sure other people do that as well. However, if you mess with them and try to take advantage of their meekness, they will unveil new characteristics of themselves that would be completely alien to you. They have some powerful deities that can easily make you rethink some of your decisions with immediate effect. They can reset your entire life by just one visit to the shrine. Nonetheless, African magic is not only for getting revenge but can be used as protection and can cast away bad omen.

 9. Congo

The people of Congo are equally endowed with the supernatural gifts of African magic but ranging popularity and power, they placed ninth on the list. They are not so different from the people of Togo.

 8. Ghana

Don't let their warmness lure you and don't let their hospitality elude you. Ghana has some fierce African magic you don't want to mess with. However, Christianity and Islamic dominance in the country have created a shift in how people perceive African magic in Ghana. Many Ghanaians deem it as evil and from the realms of hell. Nonetheless, don't think they don't have any. Ghanaians are full of surprises.

 7. Mali

My friend just don't go there. The Malians are incredibly spiritually fit.

 6. Niger

Same level as the Malians but slightly stronger.

 5. Sudan

The least said about them, the better. You should know.

 4. Nigeria

If you think, everything they portray in their movies is just fiction, then you have another thing coming. The occultic display and the incredible African magic exist. Nigerians don't joke!

 3. Uganda

You've to be scared of Idi Amin and his people when matters of African magic emerge.

 2. Benin

West Africa's Headquarters for African magic! Benin is a different planet when it comes to pure African magic.

 1. Egypt

Historically, Egypt has a great spiritual history and still does. They are very good at preservation.

Content created and supplied by: NKBuabeng (via Opera News )

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