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Witches and Travelling Abroad: You Can Never be too Careful, They Will Definitely Find You.

In Africa, anything is possible. Sometimes I am tempted to believe that our challenges as a continent are borne out of spiritual madness and irregularities. Inasmuch as I am educated and knows the importance of science, there are some things that are just beyond scientific interpretations. And upon many things I have personally seen in Africa, Ghana, there is no doubt about the presence of some supernatural beings that have the power to destroy things.

Last 2 days, a man was reported to have gone crazy at the Kotoka International Airport. This man had checked in and was almost ready to board the plane to set off. But he abruptly went mad and started destroying things at the airport. He was taken away from the airport and he is currently responding to treatment. This is a normal human being who is known on records to have engaged in series of trips but today, he is mad without any mental condition.

A man also narrated his case on Angel TV. He said he has stayed in Belgium for over 20 years. He one day returned to Ghana and when it was time for him to leave the shores of Ghana to Belgium again, at the airport, he was told that the passport he has been using for over 20years in Belgium is not for him. All the people who were around at the time the incident happened confirmed that a lady’s image is on the passport. However, he was the only person who could see his image on the passport.

In Ghana, one thing is clear, most people are filled with jealousy. Some people hate it when they see that you’re progressing. On social media, we see that all the time. This same attitude has invaded the spiritual realm and that is why many people get to be attacked spiritually. It is not as if there are no spirituals beings abroad, there are. But their attitudes are entirely different from ours.

Therefore, if you’re a Ghanaian and desire to travel, there is no way you can be too careful. Spirits know everything, they see your future. There are times people look at you and tell you a mystery. I remember one day when I was at the shop with my mother. A man came to purchase some clothes and upon leaving, he disclosed a piece of top personal information about my mother and advised her on something that is about to happen in the future. Everything happened as he narrated.

Therefore, I am making a case that, pray and be circumspect. Whatever you believe in, Christianity or Islam, give full commitment and you will be fine because you can never be too careful. The nemesis sees the future before it happens. 

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