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What Being Powerful Will Mean To Many In A Few Years To Come

Ghana is a very peaceful country and it is our prayer that the country stays the same. We hope for the best all the time. To be a person who is well-known and highly respected and also regarded as powerful, a lot of people say that one has to be rich or wealthy. Having a lot of wealth should not always be the criteria to say that someone is powerful or rich. To the world now, having power is not only about being able to command the ground to shake or cause rain to fall over certain areas and leave others but rather the ability of an individual to bring transformations into this world in the scope of science, technology, health, politics and education. The more powerful countries now are the ones that have advanced in science, technology and have very good educational sector.

This criteria used to grade powerful countries might be biased in a way since all the countries of the world did not start development simultaneously or at the same time. But sometimes, the reason for such classifications can be understood. Looking at how the future will be, to be more powerful, you need to have access to quality education which will in turn help you to improve your knowledge in science and technology, improve healthcare and also bring progress. Taking a closer look, one will notice that these criteria to become powerful are intertwined and are closely linked.

Having control over your health sector, means using the latest technology available to heal people. We have already started seeing telemedicine and in the future there is a high chance of seeing programmable robot doctors which will be ale to make diagnoses within a twinkle of an eye.

That is what makes one powerful to the western world. The ability to control what is around you or alter some of the impossible things and transform them into possibilities.

The improvement in Science and Technology is one that cuts across all scopes in a country. It positively affects everything in a country. We have seen cars moving at amazing speeds and trains moving at exceptional speeds.

This is what a lot of countries say makes them powerful. The ability to do beyond human capabilities and do it perfectly.

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