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See what this man used an abandoned airplane he bought for that made everyone surprised

Bruce Campbell is a retired electrical engineer who lives in Hillsboro, Oregano. Like many other retirees, he spend his time enjoying his golden years and working on hobbies. There is something special about Bruce that sets him apart from the other retirees. After retiring, Bruce decided to make a significant investment.

For the whopping sum of $220,000, Bruce bought a Boeing 727 airplane . An odd purchase for an elderly man to make. The strangest part about Bruce's investment, however, is that he isn't a even pilot. He has never flown in his life. So, if he is not going to flown the plane, then what is he going to do with it?

Bruce was having 10 acres of land which he bought when he was in his 20s. Bruce cleared a space on his land and paid to have his plane towed and parked on his property. He then built a driveway leading from to his aircraft, but to what purpose? Bruce stripped out the interior of the plane. All 200 seats were ripped and threw away.

He pulled up carpeting, gutted out the stewardess station, and ripped out the cockpit. After much planning and renovations, Bruce turned the empty plane into his home! He hauled in furniture, appliances, decorations; everything needed to call a new space home. Bruce knows it sounds strange, but he urges people to look around next time they are on the craft without all the seats and amenities.

Planes are incredibly spacious and apparently good enough to call a home. Bruce is a testament to that. Boeing are equipped with two bathrooms. Out of everything, Bruce stripped out of the airplane, he left these two bathrooms intact and they are fully operational. Bruce is a simple man who doesn't need a whirlpool jet to bathe in. He just needs a bucket and a shower head apparently.

Most people enter planes via extendable hallway that connects the airport to the door of the aircraft. However, that door through which people enter is very high off ground. Does that mean Bruce has to climb a ladder to get into his weird home? Bruce's home actually comes with a drop-down stairway that reaches the ground.

Bruce's property is surrounded by vibrant trees and is located in a quiet rural area. From Bruce's many windows, he can enjoy lovely scenery surrounding his plane. Technically the windows he has been looking through to see the surrounding scenarios is the emergency exit. But parked jet don't need an emergency exit, so Bruce took that right out.

Bruce made sure his new home had all the amenities he would ever need, including a washer and a dryer. Bruce has converted the old flight attendant station into a pantry and even his own microwave and toaster oven. Although his days as an electrical engineer are over, Bruce still keeps with hobbies and other types of work. He has an array of electrical gadgets that Bruce enjoys tinkering on in his new home.

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