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Incredible facts has to know about life .

From practical tips to amazing facts, This are things everyone should know about including you.

1.Did you know Abraham Licons' wife died, his business failed, he suffered a nervous breakdown , Lost in elections 8 times before becoming the president. Never give up.

Water droplets generating multiple plane reflections.If you are 100kg on Earth you are 37kg on Mars, you are not fat you are just in a wrong planet.The best time to study :

From 4am to 6am your brain function 100% . From 6am to 8pm your brain function 50%. Night time your brain function 20%.In 2007, a robber drove a $280k prosche through the window of a Malaysian car showroom, then abandoned the car, because it's gas tank was empty. The robber kept the keys , brought a tank of gas to police station where the car was impounded and stolen it a second time.fillipo people can travel to Israel without a visa . Because during ww2 , Manuel L. Quezon granted refuge to Jewish people looking to escape Hitler and Nazi Germany.2020 'BMW X6' is painted in the world's most blackest black. Vantablack is one of the most darkest substance known, absorbing up to 99.965% of visible light.

Did you know that when a cat looks you in the eye and blink slowly they are trying to tell you they love you.

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