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See the dangerous thing it means when you trip or fall down in a cemetery.

Cemeteries are places where dead bodies are kept or buried under the ground in a coffin. There are some things people consider as myths in cemeteries but which are true. Let's get started with the main reason why we came here.

Most people have been complaining about tripping and falling down in a cemetery, this has made them to be in great thought because they see it not to be normal. I've made a research on that so pay hind attention to it if you want to know why.

Some people believe ghost and spirits are real while others do not. Through my researches, I've noticed they are really real. The reason why people trip and fall in cemeteries is that, when the spirits or ghosts see you breathing or living, they become jealous.

This makes them not to feel okay so they will come near you and push you, if you fall then your spirit isn't that strong but if you just trip, then you may overcome it easily. It is a bad luck when you trip or fall in a cemetery so don't take it likely.

If any of the above happens to you, pray to God to deliver or set you free or else, you yourself will see the end result.

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