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5 Taboos You Out To Note When You're Visiting Akwa-Ibom State

Each spot has its own regulations, whether written or unwritten.

Restrictions you ought to note assuming you're visiting Akwa-Ibom State

Back in the day, towns thought of a few disallowed activities founded by the pioneers and all the more commonly known as restrictions. Restrictions contrast from one spot to another, and assuming you are visiting Akwa-Ibom State, the following are five restrictions of which you ought to be aware:

1) Ladies betraying their spouses

In certain spots in Akwa-Ibom, it is untouchable for ladies to betray their spouses. This is very significant that the punishment for cheating is the passing of the spouse. It is said that when a lady commits infidelity, she summons the rage of Ekpo Nka-Owo, an Ibibio familial soul.

2) Getting water on Ared market day

As was normal in certain towns a long time ago, there are explicit days saved to go to the market. In Annang, Akwa-Ibom State, it is forbidden for ladies to bring water from the local area stream on one of its market days, Ared market day.

3) Killing and eating monkeys

In Itam, a group in Akwa-Ibom State, it is forbidden to kill and eat monkeys. Ikot Uso Akpan Itam, a town in this tribe, has a cascade that empties into a stream, and there are trees that act as a territory for monkeys. In any case, it is illegal to kill and eat any of these monkeys.

4) Eating squirrels

For individuals who are from Afaha, one more group in Akwa-Ibom, it is said that they are not permitted to eat squirrels. A few sources say this is illegal on the grounds that individuals of Afaha relate to the insight and speed of squirrels.

5) Irritating some relatives

In Annang, individuals likewise say it is a no-no to irritate your grandchildren, your grandparents, and your parents-in-law. I surmise that this implies that any contention that happens must be settled straightaway.

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