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Man runs mad at Kotoka International Airport

A widely circulating video shows how a man of about his forty's run mad at Kotoka International Airport. News backing this motional pictures state that the man arrived at the port very normal ready to emback on a journey (not stated precisely), but people could realized after some time of his arrival and going through all the necessary processes that the gentleman begun to behave in a strange and abnormal way. He begun speaking to himself and throwing his eyes around randomly, in no time he started punching people with heavy fist and begun dismantling things placed in order for smooth working process. He went further to destroy some of the ultramodern equipment worth millions of cedi within a blink of an eye. His violent actions threw the whole place into a mess that no one was able to tame him, even the securities at post had to put in much effort and after several attempt brought him to submission. The cause of his insane actions are yet to be figured out but whiles this still remains concealed, many have linked his instant insanity to a spiritual source whiles others say it might be from narcotics. Well, everyone has his /her way of justifying things and this comes from various angles of view and perception as well as beliefs. But we are still putting in much effort to alert you on the actual cause of his insanity when we get in touch with the right information.

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Kotoka International Airport


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