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The Island Inhabited By One Family.

The Ayidiga Island known as Idiga for short is an Island 19 kilometers from Keta or 26 minutes drive from Keta. It is situated inside the largest and longest lagoon in Ghana, the Keta Lagoon. By canoe it is about 60 minutes ride from the shores of Afiadenyigba a community vibrant for salt mining.

The people of Idiga used to number up to 500 but the population has reduced to 130. 3 generations of the Idiga family have lived there for over 200 years. Their grandfather named the place after settling and called it YEDZIGA to mean I want it big. The Island has no electricity and no amenities aside water. The earth is made of white smooth sand and has a great vegetation that features over 50 baobab trees. There are two sets of settlements on the Island. The inhabitants are farmers and and fisher folks and salt miners. Not so much goes on there these days in terms of farming though.

When the lagoon recedes you will be able to do a 5 kilometer walk to the Island. The Island is known for its spirituality as a place where people go and seek help for their problems.

The Island is an amazing landscape for tourism and can support the construction of tourism spaces that can include rides on the lagoon and tree houses on the baobab.

I actually accidentally chanced on the Island as I went around asking about whether there is an Island with inhabitants on the lagoon.

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