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Top 5 bigges Airports in the World.

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Do you know the biggest airport in the world? Have ever wondered how it may look like? Have you also taught of visiting the biggest airport in the world? Don't worry we got you covered, this article will show you the biggest airports in the world and where they are located.

One of the ways one can travel to another country is by air, if one can travel by air, then through aeroplane. Where would these aeroplanes be without airports. These airports are where the aeroplanes are kept in order to make the travelers travel to wherever they are going. Without airports they would have been no place for aeroplanes to be parked.

With the existence of these airports, there are also the biggest of them. Some of these airports contains millions of people and a large number of aeroplanes residing on these vast of lands.

There are many biggest airports in the world, but because of competition among countries and to see which country got the biggest airport, they have categories these airports by size, number of people, large number of aeroplanes, and many more in order to figure out the biggest airports in the world.

However, they cannot be only one biggest airport in the world, there will sure be competitive among other countries. So without wasting much time, here I present to you top 5 biggest airports in the world.

1. Tokyo Haneda Airport- Tokyo area.

2. London Heathrow Airport-London

3. Dubai International Airport- Dubai.

4. Hong Kong International Airport- Guangdong Macau.

5. Beijing Capital International Airport- Beijing.

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