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Top Five(5) Biggest Cruise Ships in the world. All Five are bigger than the Titanic.(Pictures)

The number of large ships in the world has increased. This is due to it's mass production for business purposes. The world once had its biggest ship before the year 1912. The Titanic was the biggest ship before it got sunk and destroyed in 1912. 

In recent times, more advanced ships has been built which are much bigger than the Titanic.

#5. Mardi Gras(2021)

This huge ship travels from the Caribbean from Port Canaveral. It is the fifth biggest ship in the world. It was built in 2021 which is this very year. It can carry a total of 5,200 passengers at a time. It also has a length of 337 meters. The tonnage of the ship is 183,900.

#4. Oasis of the Seas(2008)

It was built in 2008. It also has a passenger carrying capacity of 5,400. It sails in Caribbean, Bahamas and the East Coast. The length of this big ship is 361.6 meters.

#3. Allure of the Seas(2010)

It was built in 2010 and it sails in Caribbean regions. It can carry 5,400 passengers. It has a length of 362 meters. It is the third biggest ship in the world.

#2. Harmony of the Seas(2016)

The names given to these ships are very extraordinarily. This huge ship was built in 2016 which is set to hold a total of 5,400 passengers. It has a length of 362.1 meters. The tonnage of this ship is at 227,625 tons. 

It is undoubtedly the second biggest ship in the world.

#1. Symphony of the Seas

The symphony of the seas is the biggest ship in the world. It carries 5,518 passengers. It was built in 2018. The length for this ship is 362.1 meters. It also has a weight of 227,625 tons.

Some of the above ships looks similar, but they have different qualities. Majority were built and owned by a Caribbean company ltd.

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Caribbean Mardi Gras( Port Canaveral Titanic


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