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15 Ordinary Things We Do Freely Here But It Is Illegal In Some Countries

As we all know, every person is entitled to rights. But what if I tell you some peoples' own very restricted? Yes and here are them.

1. Ukraine – Do not give an even number of flowers to anyone.

2. New Zealand – Do not whistle, it is considered an insult.

3. Egypt – Do not sit in the back seat of a taxi.

4. Venice – Do not feed the pigeons.

5. Japan – Do not leave a tip.

6. United Kingdom – Do not ask how much people earn.

7. Ireland – Do not try to imitate the Irish accent.

8. Turkey – Do not show the sign for okay, because it is offensive.

9. Never smiling at strangers in Russia

10. Germany – Do not desire a happy birthday before the birthday.

11. Chile – Do not eat with your hands.

12. Singapore – Do not eat on public transport.

13. United States of America – Do not forget to leave a tip.

14. China – Do not present an umbrella or a clock to anyone.

15. India – Do not touch the opposite sex in public.

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Content created and supplied by: CuriousityLane (via Opera News )

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